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About us

FreezeBOT is the newest addition to The Big Freeze family and offers state-of-the-art, 6-axis robotic video capture technology. With a radius of only 7 feet from the central pedestal and standing at a mere 8 ½ feet tall, this small, production-friendly footprint means that FreezeBOT only needs a 2-person crew to operate and is easily transportable, both of which contribute to its cost efficiency and high ease of use. Custom programming creates FreezeBOT choreography to high-speed capture 240 frames per second, which allows for the dramatic slow motion video effects. From red carpets to catwalks, conventions and festivals, FreezeBOT creates an epic impression.

Guests register with their email or phone number, while FreezeBOT automates and delivers the captured video to the guest in less than 15 seconds. Guests can then use their custom logo-branded video assets for direct social sharing to all of the most popular social sharing platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Each lively and dynamic capture creates an opportunity for interaction with your brand well past the event, and gives guests the gift of timelessness for an event they won’t soon forget. Are YOU ready to let us take your activation from awesome to epic with FreezeBOT, the ultimate modern marvel? Have you ever considered using a state-of-the-art robot to capture guest experiences and create interaction with your brand but felt limited by cost, set-up time, and difficulty of production? FreezeBOT is production-friendly, cost-efficient and a snap to put up front and center of your next event. If you are looking for your activation game changer, contact us today to learn more about what FreezeBOT and The Big Freeze Robotics can do for you.

Award-winning services

We have received numerous awards for our designs, concepts, and ideas.

Expert team

We are a team of dedicated live event and development professionals.

Our Services

Profession Technicians

Our team of experienced professionals is able to bring the event of your dreams to life without a hitch.

Lighting and Power

FreezeBOT’s compact and innovative design allows for the use of standard house power and equipped lighting, making for an efficient, ergonomic and neat display.

Full Production Capabilities

FreezeBOT may have a small production footprint, but it packs a lot of punch and is capable of a full ranges of functions to provide standalone production services.

High Resolution & High Speed Cameras

FreezeBOT operates with all leading camera brands, including Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Canon, and Arriflex to render breathtaking 4k to 8k high definition images.

Quick Delivery and Setup

Our team comes highly experienced, and we are ready for quick and efficient production setup and takedown to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Film and edit on the spot

Our production engineers are trained in both capturing incredible guest effects and film editing, and can perform both seamlessly within the flow of the live production.

Built For Speed

FreezeBOT was built with speed and efficiency in mind to ensure the maximum number of guests are able to be part of the experience, without sacrificing any of the quality.

Flexible and Multipurpose

The small footprint of this state-of-the-art technology allows for its use in a multitude of environments and spaces, and custom-built programming for each individual production means that this technology can be used for a vast array of client visions.

6-axis intuative robot

FreezeBOT has a 6-axis articulated robotic arm with 6 movable joints, allowing freedom of movement and unparalleled image captures.

Our working process

Design concept

With a radius of only 7 feet from the central pedestal an standing at a mere 8 1/2 feet tall, this small but might production-friendly footprint allows for a small crew to operate, easy transportation, cost efficiency and high ease of use, all while providing innovation and high quality content.


The Big Freeze Robotics team engineered FreezeBOT to be perfectly calibrated to meet the needs of our productions and our clients. The ability to custom program allows for the robotic elements to perform in each and every unique production. Through careful consideration of the demands of our events, FreezeBOT has evolved into a one of a kind design that transforms the guest experience.


Rigorous testing not only ensures safety but also performance to guarantee that FreezeBOT can and will meet the demands of each event. The production team tests each custom configuration in pre-production as insurance that the robotics engineering is perfectly calibrated and ready for the big day.

Need to know more? We’d love to hear from you!

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“We’ve had our eye on the 360 cam technology for a few years and decided the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Awards in Las Vegas was the time to make it happen. We were introduced to Big Freeze less than three weeks before our event and they made magic happen. Patrice, Robert and the entire Big Freeze team were terrific to work with. We utilized the system twofold – – both as an extension of the Red Carpet prior to the Monster Energy Series Awards and then post awards as the Monster Energy Series Awards post party. Red Carpet wise, we integrated our Digital and Social teams to distribute the unique and glamorous content externally while also showcasing the content inside the venue. At the post party, the 360 cam was a massive hit and took the guest experience to another level. There was a non-stop line all night and countless smiles and memories made. Since the awards last fall, we’ve utilized the Big Freeze at Daytona 500 Media Day and have plans for an encore appearance later this year at the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Awards.”

Cory Posocco, Vice President, NASCAR Events

“The Big Freeze delivered another great experience on the red carpet at the 2017 ESPYS. Again this year, the images captured in the experience we shared digitally and also quickly processed for live airing on ESPN, meeting the needs of the Digital and Social teams, TV Production and advertisers. The technical execution was flawless and the guest experience was fantastic. This year, we made a major adjustment to the layout of the activation by opening up one of the walls of the studio to provide a view of the red carpet, which effectively connected the studio with the activity on the red carpet. The Big Freeze team helped us re-imagine and re-design the space and created a much more compelling visual. Thanks for another great year!”

Lorenzo C. Arnett, Lamadrid, Coordinating Director, ESPN